Atelier d’Émeraude


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Wildlife has always played a key role in art movements. The same is true with Art Nouveau where references to butterflies, peacocks, snakes and dragonflies are numerous.

Thus honoring this bestiary and in reference to the phantasmagorical universe of Jules Verne, the trainees of the Atelier d’Emeraude invite you to explore the animals resulting from these extraordinary journeys and their imagination.

The Squid, the Snake and the Dragonfly will in turn take shape by showcasing their most beautiful assets through different ornaments created for the occasion.

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Cédric LHEUR

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Cédric Lheur is honoured to welcome you to his photographic exhibition entitled “Voyage au cœur du sel” (A Journey to the Heart of Salt).

These photographs showcase the Varangéville salt mine, which is still in operation today. Located to the east of Nancy, it is the only rock salt mine still in operation in France. 

Opened in 1855, the Saint-Nicolas mine extracts rock salt by means of shafts and galleries at a depth of 160 m on a single level. The operation consists of 5 phases: cutting, drilling, setting and detonating of explosives, purging, and then loading the mined ore and bolting the roof of the galleries. It now employs around 40 miners, who work in 2 shifts. The rock salt is used to clear roads of snow in the winter. Production volumes are around 500,000 tonnes per year.

Since 2018, the Saint-Nicolas mine has been a tourist attraction and lets visitors discover its galleries and the work its men perform. More information is available at

The photographic exhibition will be at Tellure for the whole of the 2020 season.

Exhibition for
“Napoleon and arsenic”

Can be found during the tour of the Cité de la Mine

Napoleon takes pride of place this year with the exhibition “l’arsenic dans tous ses états” (Arsenic in All its Forms). You will discover arsenic in all its forms, from its basic mineral state to how it is commonly used. Known as a poison, this element has also been used as a pigment, a beauty product, and more recently as insecticide!

A deadly exhibition that can be found in the “Cité de la Mine” museum space and will run throughout the 2020 season.