Guided tour of the mine and audio-guided tour of the museum area



The tour

is divided into 2 parts
First part :
the Cité de la Mine

Audio-guided tour of the museum area at ground level (panoramic cinema, museum tour,
optical theatre, etc.)


Second part : to the centre of the earth

Guided tour of Alsace’s silver mine in the depths of the earth…
(with a helmet and headlight)

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Guided tour of the mine


Dive into the mysterious depths of the earth… on with your helmet and off we go! The Tellure silver mine, dug by hand and mined for nearly 400 years, is the largest underground mine in the Vosges. Accompanied by a guide, you will descend the galleries of time, from the 16th to the 20th century, for an underground immersion experience that lasts an hour. An exceptional opportunity to contemplate the silent underground world and savour both its magic and breathtaking beauty.

The visit is truly spectacular: imagine walking underground, in a huge cave with galleries dug by hand – Source: My Weekend in Alsace

The Cité de la Mine


Complete your tour with a visit to the museum. Relive the times of the 16th century miners thanks to a panoramic cinema, an audio-guided tour, and an optical theatre. A fitting tribute to the men who worked to dig out the mountain with their own hands and extract its riches.

360° Tour


The classic tour is available while the attraction is open. There is no need to book in advance (except for groups of 10 people or more). Please note: the temperature in the mine is 10 °C all year round! Bring warm clothes and closed shoes.