For school trips, the Tellure Mine Theme Park can be a one-of-a-lifetime moment within the framework of your educational outings.

After visiting the museum, the educational and teaching team can choose between five different Saint-Jean Engelsbourg mine tours, from walking to mine caving.

For teachers, we have documentation allowing for better preparation of educational tours. (Document: a Mine of Info).

le bon filon
Student version

enseignant plus infos
Teach version

Possibility of sending you this documentation upon request.
Also available upon request at the Tellure Park or by a simple request by mail, we propose game books to test your knowledge on the Tellure mining world or for classroom work.

A pleasant picnic area is available for you. In the event of storms, we also have a function room where you can eat upon request.


The mine tours
of Saint jean Engelsbourg


« Standard »
1hGuided tour.
1hMine visit

The so-called “Standard” tour leads visitors along a horizontal circuit of over 850m, marked by 8 stops, to discover the St Jean Engelsbourg mine when operated from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

Open to all.
School price: 6 € per student.
One free entrance for 10 purchased.




« 16th Century »
1hAudio tour
1h30mine visit

The “Immersion” tour is like the “Standard” tour with the addition of discovering an untouched 16th century channel. During this tour visitors experience total darkness and the silence of the Earth.

As of 8 years old.
Price: 10 € per student.
((maximum of 10 people per group))

THE caving tours

All sporty tours are supervised by a state-qualified speleologist guide. We provide you with all the necessary equipment (boots, coveralls, harness, helmet with headlamp).These tours are possible all year long upon reservation only.


« Immersion plus »
1hAudio visit
1h45Mine visit

The “Immersion Plus” tour is like the standard tour with the addition of discovering an untouched 16th century channel as well as climbing up a ladder and abseiling for about 20 metres.

As of 8 years old
Price: 17 € per student.



« Pit Wells »
1hAudio visit
3hMine visit

The “Pit Wells” tour proposes a more sporty circuit leading visitors to the heart of the mountain after going down 4 wells which is about 100 metres of abseiling.

As of 12 years old. Sporty-oriented people
Price: 31 € per student



“La traversée Cupfermine”
(“copper mine”)



A short passage along the 16th century networks, with some simple climbing and 2 abseiling descents of 12 m.

From age 8
Price: €22/person



« Big column »
1hAudio visit
2hMine visit

The “Big Column” tour offers a full and fun approach for mine caving with:
– climbing up a stiff ladder of around 20 metres
– walking along a plateau attached by a safety-line
– returning on a zip-line
– and roping down about 20 metres

As of 8 years old
Price: 22 € per student.

Audio Tour of the museum surface
(Panoramic cinema, museum tour , optical theater …)




« Via ferrata »

Via ferrata “special kids” niveau 0. Initiation course of approximately 2 hours, from 8 years old, with no minimum weight limit. Presence of an accompanying adult required.  
Price 33€/people

Level 1 – Discovery course lasting about 2 hours. A 100 m course with a 20 m difference in altitude, a zipline, and a 20 m abseil.
Price 33€/people

Level 2 – Course lasting about 3 hours for the physically fit. Not recommended for people prone to vertigo. A 180 m course with a 50 m difference in altitude, a zipline, an aerial rope bridge, and a 30 m abseiling descent.
Price 43€/people

Level 3 –Expert course lasting about 6 hours (age 15 and above) More than 100 metres of abseiling in 5 wells, a zipline, an aerial monkey bridge, and a pendulum.
Price 70€/people