2018 Tourism Initiative Award


For fitter visitors from age 12

Discover the first underground Via ferrata at Tellure. The large column (an underground cavity) that rises almost 120 m in height has been specially designed and secured for the purpose of the Via ferrata.

For those weighing between 40 kg and 120 kg. Minors under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Level 1 – Discovery course lasting about 2 hours. A 100 m course with a 20 m difference in altitude, a zipline, and a 20 m abseil.
Price 33€/people

Level 2 – Course lasting about 3 hours for the physically fit. Not recommended for people prone to vertigo. A 180 m course with a 50 m difference in altitude, a zipline, an aerial rope bridge, and a 30 m abseiling descent.
Price 43€/people

Level 3 –Expert course lasting about 6 hours (age 15 and above) More than 100 metres of abseiling in 5 wells, a zipline, an aerial monkey bridge, and a pendulum.
Price 70€/people

NEW 2022

Via ferrata “special kids” niveau 0

This year, it’s the children’s turn to discover the adventure of the underground Via Ferrata!
In galleries dating from the 16th century, in the heart of a vein of quartz and copper, a fully secure fun and educational trail has been set up especially for the youngest!
Count two hours of activity punctuated by climbing, crossing ledges, a zip line and abseiling!

Initiation course of approximately 2 hours, from 8 years old, with no minimum weight limit. Presence of an accompanying adult required. 
Price 33€/people


You climb the rock face using cables, steps, and ladders. A unique opportunity to experience real thrills in complete safety and freedom.

Via ferrata supervised by a state-qualified caving guide.



Are you physically fit with a sense of curiosity? Do you fancy learning something new and finding out about silver mines?

Then caving is the thing for you!
For those age 8 or over. Caving is a form of underground exploration and classed as a sport. You will be safely roped up and supervised by a passionate state-qualified caving guide!

Are you physically fit, independent-minded, and like climbing?

Then the Via ferrata is the thing for you!
For those aged 12 or over and weighing at least 40 kg. The Via ferrata is a cross between hiking and climbing. You will follow a course that is specially designed for this activity (with cables, ladders, and ramps). You will be fairly independent as you make your away long the lifeline, which can be used with self-belay equipment.


All specialised equipment is provided (full suit, harness, helmet with headlight, and boots). Bring loose, warm clothing (temperature in the mine is around 10 °C).