31 March to 2 November 2018

2018 exhibitions
“Le Joyau est Joie”


Atelier d’Emeraude is a creative jewellery centre inaugurated in 2017 in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, at the third international minerals fair.

Two artists from the Atelier d’Emeraude are presenting four original jewellery sets this year, in the form of unique models designed for the “Le Joyau est Joie” exhibition of 2018.

Georges Teixeira specialises in working precious metals. To say his art is a passion is an understated description of the creative fervour that drives him to craft each of his creations. This year, he will present four unique sets.

His brother Edouard Teixeira specialises in crimping, polishing, enamelling and stones, and in the art of assembling jewels using the ancestral cloisonné techniques, using prongs that allow a subtle and complex play of light through the pieces. Edouard also excels in the finishing work of polishing, tempering and burnishing that are indispensable components of his art.

Four original sets on display

“Reine des Fjords”, “Eclose en Lasuli”, “Nuit bleue” and “Angle d’Aérolithe” are the four original jewellery sets that will reveal their splendour and light at the exhibition.

This year, white quartz, lapis lazuli in the form of pendants and articulated blue stones will be given pride of place, along with an intimate conversion between geometric shapes, sapphires and a sodalite.

All these precious minerals, crafted forms, lights and infinite range of colours have nurtured the renewed inspiration of our two artists and constitute the sublimated ingredients of the sets, which are all made up of:

· a unique necklace
· a matching bracelet
· a pair of earrings
· and a ring

31 March to 2 November 2018

2018 exhibitions


Proposed by Albert Russ

«Les stalagmites dans tous leurs états »

Albert Russ is a reputed photographer from Slovakia, with a passion for the famous stalagmites that emerge every year in our caves when temperatures drop below -15 °C. These short-lived formations only exist for a very short period, which means the artist has to record them at the right time.
From Iceland to Austria through Slovakia, the artist captures
these exceptional images over the years and the seasons… Here, he shows us
part of his work from the birth of the stalagmite to its disappearance, from the
infinitely large to the infinitely small.