Surrounded by 8 giant screens,
the museum tour starts with a panoramic cinema.

In a circular room, 8 large-sized concave screens will reveal the start of this trip to the centre of the Earth which continues along 18 museum stops enhanced by 9 animated and talking “Visual Boxes” (3 to 5 m wide).

You’ll see real daily-life scenes of miners from the 16th century. You’ll stand before the mine judge’s office or a fully-active foundry. A full-size reconstruction of fascinating historical events with our imaginary but very life-like heroes.
If you’re curious to learn more, each scene will give specific explanations as an audio-guide (in French, German, English or “simplified” children’s’ version) is available for visitors.

The last part of this unusual visit invites you to enter into the Optical Theatre.

A life-scene, a show, special effects ….
Joy, disillusions, exploring, friendships, dreams, an intriguing story all done with lighting and shadow effects within a ever-moving setting, the adventure continues ….
Within this remarkable theatre room, you’ll dive into the incredible world of miners during the 16th century … a visually-wonderful show to enjoy!

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